“ Re-imagine gemstone jewelry with phenomenal twist ”

For every beautiful phenomenon nature creates, often follow with tales of belief that has been passed through ages. Some talks about God and some are about destiny which are all polished from imagination and faith of people at that time. These magical moments happen once in a while and in the blink of an eye, making it valuable and fascinated. “ Gemstones ” are also one of the magical phenomenon that nature create through many years of crystallisation in underground until bringing up to the surface. Each gemstone will display its own uniqueness of beauty once going through a proper crafting.


M A R O N “ was established by a second generation who was born and raised in a family of more than 40 years of experiences in gemstone industry, especially “ Ruby “. For many years, we have seen and absorbed the meticulous and dedication in every process of crafting gemstones from our father who has visited many countries seeking for fine gemstones. He involved himself in every process from searching gemstones, heated, and crafted them into jewelry. For him, looking at gemstone is like “ observing sparkling magical phenomena that create from nature ”. Therefore, we decide to choose the word “ House of Ruby ” in French so called, “ Maison de Rubis ” and turn it into “ M A R O N “ as a determination to carry on the value and soul of crafting gemstones through our brand, M A R O N.


With the belief of willing to continue on passing the love, passion and value of gemstones, M A R O N has brought the inspiration of magical phenomena which come along with tales and beliefs such as sky, stars, sea or earth into our collection by using simple curve but full of detail and meaning. All are crafted with colourful gemstones in various cutting patterns and styles in order to suit for wearing in daily life, while reflecting charm and beauty of modern women with feeling of “ possessing one of the magical phenomenon in life “.