Happy Lining Dreamy Huggie Earring with White Zircon (Beige Gold)


Sterling silver, Beige gold plated with Natural White Zircon.

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Happy Lining : Curve of Happiness


The sky after the rain is always beautiful. When the darkest moments pass away, you will discover the brightest light. The sky opens to the shining light that passes through group of puffy clouds creating a tender curved line alike the first light of the day, the beginning of new thing and a sign that Hope, Happiness and Joy lies ahead.


Each natural phenomena has hidden a philosophy of life for each of us to explore. MARON demonstrates this occurrence through the collection called, “Happy Lining” which uses the curved line of cloud to reflect the shape of the jewelry that looks simple and suits for everyday look, yet giving a good vibes to make each day full with Hope, Happiness and Joy.