Mirari Necklace with Rose quartz


Sterling silver, rose gold plated with Rose Quartz.

Adjustable size 16″, 18″ inches

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MIRARI comes from ancient Latin word meaning “Be amazed, surprised, and wondered”. It’s also a root word of Mirage meaning “Optical illusion”, a natural phenomenon that happens in a hot climate desert causing an image of shimmering water. This phenomenon reveals the magical beauty and mystery in desert that nature creates.  

The stunning image of shimmering water occurs when light bent over while traveling through the air of different temperature and density. At the right and suitable angle, the light will reflect the magical image to our eyes.

The inspiration from this amazing spectacle has been displayed through the design of this collection. The combining of our imagination with natural gemstones in the designs will bring this magical beauty shine brilliant on wearer’s body experiencing the feeling of amazed, surprised, and wondered.