My Nine Lucky Stars Bracelet with Carnelian


Sterling silver, Beige gold plated with 9 lucky gemstones ( Ruby, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Garnet, Blue Sapphire, Rainbow Moonstone, Blue Zircon, Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl and White Zircon ) and Carnelian gemstone.

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When was the last time you get to celebrate a festive occasion full of smile, happiness, and joy?

MARON would love to introduce a festival where there is full of luck and makes your every day be fulfilling and refreshing once again.


This special collection combines the legend and superstitious belief of Thai nine-star astrology and the power of birthstone colors for each day. Each gemstone exemplifies the solar planets which we believe it radiates positive energies and fortunate power. While the color of individual gemstones displays the belief of goddess’s power and protection.

MARON presents “Nine lucky Star Bracelet” – A lucky charm item, where we offer in 7 colors and 2 styles for modern women who is seeking for elegant, trendy, and colorful life.

Get double lucky! Come get our new fine design. A trendy bracelet that goes with everyday look and everyday mood.