Shooting Stars Ball with Amethyst


Sterling silver, white gold plated with Faceted-ball Amethyst and Rhodolite Garnet.

Optional : Wear with Shooting Stars Earring to create elegant looks.

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Among the Stars collection

Chapter 1 : Shooting Stars

“Wish upon a shooting star” …If you see a shooting star, grasp the opportunity at that short moment and make a wish for it to become true.

Shooting stars are a natural phenomenon that occurs within a short period of time with an unpredictable direction and timing. Its bright colors and sparkles during shooting across the sky causes an amazing view that will capture your heart from first sight.

Therefore, we turn the inspiration of a shooting star into a design that matches the present generation and makes use of the colors of gems to demonstrate the importance of this moment. Our Shooting Stars Collection will deliver the true beauty of nature to its wearers.