Gemstones have always been part of human culture in every era as protection from the danger or a mark of status. Over the centuries, gemstones have become more than that, but reflecting the taste and style.

We believe that every gemstones has its own value, through a million years of forming in the earth, passing many processes of mining, selecting and cutting to become perfect piece.

So, we are the new blood and heir of the artisan gemstone family, who aims to create jewelry that retain value and the beauty of gemstones, combined with high level of the art in craftsmanship.


With over 40 years of experience and knowledge in making gemstones and jewelry, our first generation was named as “ The Indiana Jones of Thailand” from his adventures in many countries seeking exceptional gemstones.

He is also renowned as a pioneer in crafting gemstones; originating the ‘diamond-cut pattern’ in small pieces of gemstones, and the first who enhanced the color of gemstones by using a ‘heat treatment’ technique.

We are the second generation that is still looking forward to create exquisite gemstones by believing in the concept, “We cut to maximise beauty and brilliance, not the carat weight” to pass on our passion, dedication and craftsmanship.


MARON is a fine gemstone jewelry brand that reveals the beauty of imagination by collecting magical inspiration such as, the beauty of nature, arts and cultures, moments and experiences, or even people to present precious jewelry that matches the wearer, who is young at heart, reflecting their truly personal style.

MARON’s gemstones are designed with the art of craftsmanship to create special-cut gemstone. Our gemstones are cut and selected, piece by piece, to ensure that our jewelry will hold the most value and beauty, with wide spectrum of colours and different types of inclusion in gemstones, identifying the uniqueness of each gemstones to the owner.

MARON’s jewelry are produced and assembled by our highly experienced craftsman, using a traditional production process and creative production techniques integrated and used in our jewelry to bring out iconic designs, and raise the beauty of the gemstones.

This is the true passion in jewelry that we deliver to the wearers to receive more than just a designed piece, but an authentic jewelry that unleashes the value of creativity, unconventional beauty and craftsmanship.